A newbie writer or an established author, you can trust us to you create the perfect website and help grow your online presence. With AuthorLabs you will not have to waste any writing time or worry about crashing servers and hackers lurking around an open source platform.

We can build your site from scratch, using our custom software, or design and set up an externally hosted WordPress website. With the first choice you get guaranteed security and can add full branding and logo design to the bundle. And since we hate limitations, we will be happy to accommodate any custom web work you have in mind!

Spend a few minutes here to find out the advantages of working with a web architect from AuthorLabs. Don’t settle for less. Have a look below at our packages and detailed information about our services.


  • 4 Pages - Home,About,Book,Contact
  • Design based off existing Logo
  • Page Content Set up
  • No Admin


Optional Basic Hosting $15 per month


  • Wordpress Framework
  • Custom Design fit to Template
  • 5 Pages of Content Set up
  • Wordpress Admin Panel


Optional Basic Hosting $25 per month

Custom Web Work

  • Custom Coded Web Software
  • Priced out Per Project
  • Contact for more details

Pricing Varies

Spend a few minutes here to find out exactly what you can expect to receive by working with a web architect from AuthorLabs. Don’t settle for anything less.

Domain name (example: ScottWriter dot com)

You can’t have a website without a domain. Do you know how to secure one? No? We can help.

Server hosting

Now that you have a domain name, you need a place to host your website. You don’t want your website constantly going down and you want a server company with reputation for strong security. AuthorLabs provides the server hosting an author needs for a secure site; and while you’re busy writing another bestseller , we will make sure to keep abreast of technology trends and changes that would affect the hosting.

Custom template.

The key difference when choosing a web architect, rather than someone with basic design skills, is that with our software you will get a completely custom site, from homepage to book page to an easy-to-use admin panel. If you can dream it, we can achieve it at AuthorLabs. There are thousands upon thousands of free templates available on the Internet, but those designs are limited in what they can do for you. They allow limited ability to make changes and require you to update constantly yourself, wasting precious time. And let’s face it – with a free template you agree to have your site look just like a million othes. You worked so hard to make your book stand out, so why limit your website to fit into a box created for the masses? Your website represents you, so shouldn’t it be designed just for you? We think so, too.


Everyone talks about it, but how many designers really understand branding? Just tell our talented artists about your vision for the site and they will design a unique look and matching color theme that you can use as a base for your branding.

Content page design

We will create a look and page layout that carries through your website. Branding is about repeating a message in an enjoyable way that will make your readers return to spend time on your site.

Content creation

Where do you start? You’re going to love this!!<.br> When you’re ready to get rolling we will send you a questionnaire to walk you through planning your pages and website amenities. You will start with the basics (like the Home page) then add on from there. We know this is important, because every author is different. Sure, any website has a home page, book pages and contact page, but with us you have the ability to change the appearance of your page or add one about a hobby, tied to your stories; or maybe that interactive page for your readers, that you were thinking about. Shouldn’t you have the option of adding those? Absolutely! We’re happy to make it possible with AuthorLabs.

Unlimited content pages

We don’t understand why any designer would limit content pages. At AuthorLabs, we don’t set limits. Making the content your readers crave available is a powerful sales tool. Successful businesses aren’t trapped by artificial boundaries.

Premium contact form

We will create your contact form with anything from basic email sign-up to additional information – whatever you require.

Easy-to-use admin panel

The back-end of the site, where you update your content, is called the Admin panel. One of the most difficult tasks – until now – was for authors to navigate admin panels,if they even had the option to update their websites themselves. You do not have the time to fight through a learning curve, when you are just days from your second draft deadline. So we made our admin panel very intuitive and equipped it with easy-to-follow instructions.

Mobile and tablet compatibility

Based on Google data, at least 40% of your website traffic will come from mobile/tablet users. This means that you need a website that is easily accessible and attractive across all devices. And we’re not talking about clunky “click here to go to mobile” or having to update two site versions (mobile and fixed computer). We will build your website framework on responsive technology, making sure that once you change a page – boom! – the mobile/tablet version updates automatically. Like that? We thought you would.


You can have the most awesome website in the universe, but if readers can’t find it easily, it will do you no good. Optimization is making sure your website shows up like magic, whenever a reader searches the web for the kind of books you write.

How? We will optimize the pages of your new website by adding in individual metadata tag titles and descriptions (don’t worry; we’ll help you choose the right metadata). We’ll also add in alt tag descriptions to the existing images and title tags to the existing links. Sounds confusing? It’s not for us, which is why we’re here to explain and make sure you get everything your website needs.

Basic SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the practice of optimizing your website both internally and externally to get high ranking in Google searches. The idea is to target your name, so that your website appears high on page one. We can optimize your site to go after a couple of other key phrases you want. Every website we create at AuthorLabs, receives basic optimization to get you rolling. We develop solid metadata tags using Google suggested standards. We can also create a custom SEO program if you want togrow more quickly.

Note: Some companies spend thousands of dollars a month just to reach page one in searches for specific terminology, so we are not guaranteeing you a first page ranking and if any other web developing company does make that guarantee for no extra cost…well, they are lying (unless its a terminology, , extremely specific to only one person or company).
But we can certainly create an advanced SEO program for a separate cost. Just ask.

Social network integration

At AuthorLabs we build software that makes it easy to share k=links from your website onto social networks like Facebook. For example, if you write a blog and share it on Facebook, the link will pull through the blog image, title and description. If you share a book page, the book title, image and description will show on Facebook.

Google analytics

You want to know who is coming to your site and what other websites are referring traffic there, right? It shows where your advertising money is best spent and what demographics you’re reaching. We set up Google Analytics for you, so all you have to do is sign in and make use of your data. If you’re not familiar with Google Analytics, we’re there to explain what all that information means.

Email newsletter setup

We will set you up with a leading provider of newsletters and integrate the newsletter subscription path from your website.


What does maintenance cover? Glad you asked. We update your site upon introduction of any new technology. When new features become available, you’ll have the option to upgrade for free as long as you’re on our monthly maintenance plan.

If you need help having an image display properly or if you need a new navigation tab, we’re there for you. We are dedicated to building a website that’s a pleasure to use, and will play guardian angel in the background every month.

Website backup

We back up all of our sites on a monthly basis, in case of a catastrophe. This step is often unrightfully overlooked or just plain ignored. Technology will always have issues and you need to know your web content is protected, so that you can sleep at night.

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